Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Astronaut Barbie's new trainee: Space Camp Barbie

From NASA's 2014 Strategic Plan NASA 2014 Strategic Plan NASA's mission is as follows: Drive advances in science, technology, aeronautics, and space exploration to enhance knowledge, education, innovation, economic vitality, and stewardship of Earth.

Welcome new student: Space Camp Barbie
Being Astronaut Barbie comes with it some great experiences, fun and excitement as well as some super cool responsibilities. This year I have taken on a student to work with, mentor, and promote STE(A)M education. For those of you not familiar with STE(A)M this stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Arts is one area that is newly added with the working hypothesis that when we engage students' strengths using art activities, this can lead to increased motivation and probability of success STEM vs STEAM: Do the Arts belong. My student, Space Camp Barbie is on her own educational mission: to understand how she can be a part of the STE(A)M movement and be introduced to the wonders and intrigue of space flight when she attends her first Space Camp in October. Space Camp Barbie will be taking over the post for a while (with my mentorship and occasional two cents added of course) as she begins her journey into the awesome world of STE(A)M!