Monday, September 7, 2015

Excitement about Space!!

Greetings from Space Camp Barbie! Have you looked at the cool NASA websites lately? There are so many innovative and new things happening! I just signed up for my ticket to send my name on the InSight mission to Mars! You have until tomorrow (September 8th) to sign up for one yourself! Have you heard of the InSight mission? The Mars lander (scheduled to launch next year) is named InSight and the mission is to the surface of Mars. It will place the first seismometer (to assess any quakes and monitor seismic waves of Mars).  More information can be found on NASA's website (

Water training is an important part of astronaut training. The neutral bouancy lab in Houston, TX helps to simulate zero gravity and astronauts can practice their missions underwater.
underwater training  At Adult Space Academy- train with an astronaut program I will get the opportunity to train in the UAT (underwater astronaut trainer) and get a glimpse of what this might be like. This picture (to the right) is when I went and was all cleared for my SCUBA training this October! My awesome physician, Dr. Eric signed
Dr. Eric signing off on my dive forms!!
off on my fitness to dive!!! A little over a month and I'll be headed to Huntsville, AL with my friend Dani and Astronaut Barbie for an awesome adventure! I'm starting to learn more about the space program and everything that the space program has really contributed to down here on Earth! The next post I plan to tell you about some of the cool "Spinoffs" that have come from the space program -- many you probably don't even realize came from the work done at NASA!
Until next time, have a glittery day!

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