Sunday, October 19, 2014

Astronaut Barbie's log...Day 4...Last Day and Graduation

Sadly, this will be the last post from Astronaut Barbie at Space Camp. However, do not be in despair. I will continue to blog about the shenanigans that may ensue from my day to day adventures (did you hear that Ole Miss is now ranked #3 in the SEC?!?!?). Day 4 of Adult Space Academy was bittersweet. Team Discovery was still united and an awesome bunch, but it was also the time where we had to say so long for now- until our unicorns will bring us back together for the next adventures.

Day 4 began with meeting for breakfast as a team with a real cool national news shout out to the new generations being excited about the space program and what Space Camp/Academy has to offer. For one of the clips, two of team Discovery's Space Cadets (Lindsay and PC) were shown on a clip taken during our EDM mission. How cool is that?!?!?! 

Shades and I hanging out at breakfast!

I sure found my place with this awesome Disco group!
Team getting ready for alumni meeting, then final touches in preparation for rocket launch!
Another Pathfinder view!

PC and I working to complete the egg container. I'm trying to let eggie know that s/he'll be okay in the launch!

Our Rocket Team ready for launch!

Putting the rocket on the launch pad!
PC making final adjustments!
What a fantastic looking rocket!

Rockets being launched...
I can barely take the suspense... will our egg land safely? Will our rocket launch?
I see out rocket. It launched, shoot how's eggie doing?!?!?

Have our eggs landed safely?!?!?!
Oh, poor eggie... he got a little scrambled :(

Now time to fill out our evals from the time here and give some quotes for posterity!

Papi, Dani and I after rocket launch.
Saying goodbye to Pathfinder as we head up to the training floor for graduation.

Team Disco lining up for grad.

Mike F. starting off the ceremony.

Team getting ready to graduate! Aside from earning our wings,  team Discovery also was awarded, Best Mission Patch, Best Lunar Mission, and Best Team!!!! What awesome honors!!!!  My next blog will pay tribute to my team and the awesome individuals who made up team Discovery! Hope you all are having a glittery, unicorn filled day: ) Astronaut Barbie - out.  

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