Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 3 Part 1 of Astronaut Barbie's Antics with Team Discovery!!

Day Three at Adult Space Academy!!!! Very cool times here! I awaken again to glitter, unicorns and rainbows and am excited to get Dani up and ready for Day Three! After a healthy breakfast, the team excitedly heads over to Area 51 (near Aviation Challenge) for Zip Line time = Awesomeness!!!!
Traveling to Area 51 

John "PK" showing me the love!

Look at the cool helicopter crash replica! I thought that I would relax here for a while on the way to the zip line!

How Cool! Zip Line platform from afar!

Part of the gang awaiting a chance to take a zip!

Aimee, Dani, me and John "PK" being part of the anchor and  belay team!

Lee is the first to represent Team Discovery!

Dani climbing (I'm tagging along in the front)!



Sitting and ready to go... 3...2...1...

ZIP LINE!!!!!!!!!

Whoo hoo!!!!
Dani and I swinging and enjoying hanging around!!!
Safe on the ground!!!

If you ever have the chance to zip down a tower, I highly (pun intended) recommend this!!! What an awesome experience! All members of the team (including our dedicated crew trainer Mal) made it through the climb and zip! What an amazing time!!!!

After the rush of Zip Line, the team moved on to the second part of Rocket Construction- time to finish up our designs and get signed off on a string test (to make sure it seems like a feasible structure). 

Our box with what we've been working on so far... and yes, glitter was added :)

PC working to finish the needed parts of the rocket!
Other part of Team Discovery building up their rocket!

Team Scrambled working to finish their rocket construction as well!
Pappy- another part of our rocket team!!!!

Here is the video of PC, Dani and I testing the rocket. Our dedicated team leader saw the video and immediately signed off on the rocket construction. Can I say we are awesome!?!?!?!?

Are we related?!?!? Second cousins maybe?!?!?!
What a hottie!!! Yes, please!!!!
Following Rocket Construction, (and a quick trip to the gift shop) we went into training for our EDM (extra-duration mission). For this mission Dani and I were FDO and ECLISS positions in mission control.
See my new friend?!?!? This is NASA Doll (aka Sarah). She decided to help me out on this mission!

Calculations for OMS times.

Figuring out when the LiOH canisters need changed in the shuttle.

Following training, we had a quick training on Orbiter Systems, lunch, then our mission of all missions...the EDM. 

MOCR with Lindsay (Flight Director), PC and Pappy!!!!

Dani (mine and Sarah's legs) and Cassandra. 

Let's get moving!!!!

Oh no!!! A Tornado went through Houston (where MOCR) is. A faulty wire touched Dani's hair and she had burns and went into shock. Save her Pappy, Save her... Apparently he did not correctly treat said wounds and caused a fatality to occur. As such, the Space Ghosts said to revive the victim (and be forgiven for such neglect) we all had to do lunges around the cafeteria before returning to the mission. My legs were tired after all this!!!!

Pappy, Dani and I on the home stretch before returning to the mission. Overall, the mission was a resounding success!!! What a great Shuttle Crew, ISS Crew and kick ass MOCR!!! Way to go team Disco! Since I have to prepare for an invigorating work of scientific endeavors tomorrow, I must sign off for this evening. Know that I will get to part two of Day 3 tomorrow. As always, wishing you glitter dreams and unicorn kisses and rainbow skies! Astronaut Barbie - out.

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