Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 2 Adult Space Academy part 1

What a jam packed, crazy awesome day! Team Discovery (and let me tell you this is the best team ever) started out with a Saturn V Hall Docent Tour. So cool to be led in a tour by someone who worked with the astronauts and was a part of the human factors engineering for NASA!

I don't know why people thought this capsule was cramped! I could totally have a party in here (and maybe I did)!!
Aren't these guys just too cute?!?!?

The moon is real!!! I'm standing next to a moon rock! How cool is that?!?!?

Discovery then went for Bravo Mission training. For this mission my friend Dani was Flight Director, and I was assigned GNC (not the vitamins- this is Guidance and Navigation)! 
This is me at my station! How cool is this! I was trained on what the nominal conditions are for landing the shuttle and based on all this cool information (they call it science) I give the coordinates for landing location, if conditions are favorable for launch and a whole bunch more cool stuff. 
This is our training on how to deal with the dreaded "C/W lights." The caution and warning lights mean "Crap NASA, something's wrong and we need to fix it!" Our fearless leader Mel helped walk us through how to work through these problems so we can help our crew if needed. I'm sure thought, that nothing will be wrong during the mission- NASA is great with redundancy and I'm sure all systems will be go and we'll have smooth sailing the entire mission...I'm pretty sure anyways. We will just have to see later on today!!!
Following Mission training, the team went to "Low Ropes" (which coincidentally has absolutely nothing to do with ropes). With my proclivity to be a klutz, I gracefully bowed out of this activity to get some shut eye (these long days are so packed that I needed a little beauty sleep). After a lovely lunch (It was Italian Day), we then got all spiffy for the Bravo Mission!!!!

Go team Discovery!!!!

Conditions are just right for today's mission! It is a go for lift off!!

Oh No!!!! It's the C/W lights!!!  Working through this!!!! Ended with a successful mission!!!

Following the mission, we moved to part 1 of Rocket Construction!!! Our task is to build a rocket (within a given budget) that will launch (carrying a payload of a raw egg), go up at least 10 feet, deploy parachute, and have the egg safely return to the earth. Below you'll see the picture of me with the "practice egg" and of course I brought my own glitter!!!!

Working on the parachute and building the payload bay
Did I tell you that I brought glitter to decorate?!?! We decided on rocket engine size, that we would have a one stage rocket and determined the materials (and how)we planned to make the best payload bay for the egg! We have a few more sessions to finalize everything and have the string test completed. Can't wait to see how things turn out- expected launch is Monday morning!!!! Part 2 of Day 2 will be uploaded as soon as I get some beauty rest!!! Make sure you have time to notice glitter in your life!!! xoxo Astronaut Barbie

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