Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 1 - Astronaut Barbie

Today my friend Dani and I began the adventure that is called Adult Space Academy. In one word, I would describe this as *awesome*!!!!
Dani also was coming too....
So here I am before heading over to check in at the Space and Rocket Center. Day one....So excited!!!
The "red gates" that we go through before meeting the team!!
At the Gift Shop before meeting the tea and starting camp. Can I tell you that there are *amazing* things there?!?!??!

So then, we discover that we (Dani and I) are members of the Discovery team!!!! And of course, we have the most amazing crew trainer!!!We start straight away with mission training and then mission! We are Mission Specialist #2!!!

Following training, we get very serious for the mission.... and we really kicked ass in Alpha Mission (and by kick ass, I mean we did not know that the Cargo Bay doors were Closed prior to us finishing the EVA)!

 Peaking out from John's (commander) bag...
 Very important part of the EVA.
 Look, it's the ISS patch. Sorry Ken, you left me and now I'm international!!
 Fitting into the EVA gear.
 First camp/academy camper who went to cool!!! This is so me!!!
My friend Dani helped me pin my magnet onto Oxford, MS. For whatever reason there was no previous attendee from Oxford. Can you believe that?!?!?!

Mission time. Astronaut Barbie in Space~~~

Can you believe this? We are so spoiled!! Wine and Cheese reception with Robert "Hooter" Gipson. How lucky are we?!?!?
We watch Imax movie "The Dream is Alive." coincidentally showing a clip of Hooter (and his dad) as well!!! What an amazing end to this first day!!! So tomorrow- we present at 7:30 for breakfast and have an insane (and by insane I mean *awesome* schedule from there)!! Tomorrow I will upload my schedule so you all can follow along. Day 1 complete = so amazon. Amazing team and meeting awesome people!!!! Hopefully I will start uploading team profiles tomorrow!!!

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  1. I'm so jealous Barbie!!!! Looks like you are having a "blast" in space! Can't wait to see your other adventures....