Friday, October 10, 2014

Pre-camp adventures

As I'm drinking my morning coffee (pardon the hair- I haven't gotten myself ready for the day yet), I have this amazing view of the Space and Rocket Center. This is where I will be training with my friend Dani over the next four days. We present for training in t minus three hours and 26 minutes. I want to reflect on the journey so far and share some pictures as well. 
You can see Pathfinder- a life size replica of the STS  if you look between the trees!

The 3 hour 11 minute drive from Oxford to Huntsville was largely uneventful....We did have a brief wait (15 minutes) for a train to pass in Decatur, but an uneventful (and safe) trip was just what we had hoped for as we get ready to see new and old friends and have an afternoon/evening to settle in prior to the Academy Adventure. 
My friend Dani and I (she's like me- naturally blond and loves science) arrived at our hotel. We have the afternoon and evening and since she had been here before had a few friends that we would meet. I was a little nervous (I can be shy around new people), but her friends were *awesome*!
First off, we went to the "new" part of Huntsville-- Dani said that since she was here last in 2009 it has changed dramatically! We walked around and saw the PFChang's Pink promotion (you can see Dani, Tara, and myself posing and then uploading the picture for PFChangs to donate to Breast Cancer Awareness)!

Cool names here- almost everything is related to "Rocket City" or some sort of "Space" theme. This adventure is surely going to be "out of this world!"
I decided on a mojito. What a fun time. Meeting new people and getting a brief tour of Huntsville. 

After happy hour we started to get hungry. I had never had fondue before, so Dani suggested we go to a place called "The Melting Pot." If you have never eaten fondue before, this is a must!!! It's like having a campfire at your table. Following pictures will detail the dinner = Amazing time with Amazing people!!!!

 So, now it is about three hours until we check in for the next adventure. I am excited to see what new friends I can make and see what fun my friend and I will have here. I do hope that we can be mission specialists and do EVAs...We shall see. I look forward to sharing my Adult Academy Adventures with you all! Now (if you remember my hair from the coffee picture) I must put myself together and get ready for an awesome adventure! As always, don't forget the glitter!!!


  1. Love it!!!! Can't wait to hear of all of your adventures Astronaut Barbie!!! :-)

  2. I want to be Dani's Barbie doll! I'm a natural blonde!